Unlocking grid performance


The energies that power our world are changing; they are becoming cleaner, greener, smarter, more efficient, and increasingly complex. As a result, the demands on the electrical grid network are increasing, requiring new insights to the Grid and its assets. As a world leader in the design and provision of intelligent electrical power maintenance solutions, Megger has a deep understanding of every aspect of electricity networks - from generation and transmission, to distribution and consumption.


Founded upon over 130 years of accumulated knowledge, Megger is a global provider of electrical power asset management, grid performance solutions, and predictive analytics, that help inform and validate asset health decision making.

To that end, we provide:

  • High quality, reliable, and robust test and measurement equipment to provide accurate data
  • Products and services that enable condition-based monitoring for effective planned maintenance programmes
  • Asset Performance Management and Enterprise Asset Management solutions that provide predictive capabilities for enhanced grid visibility