"Watt's Up"

Find out "Watt's Up" in the electric industry


The Megger "Watt's Up" Podcast features industry experts and their enlightening discussions about electrical testing, maintenance and the current trends in the power, generation and distribution industry.


“Watch or listen to Episode 1 - Digital Substations”

Exploring the topic of digital substation, the practicalities of testing and what the future might hold.

“Watch or listen to Episode 2 - Insulation testing and asset management”

Insulation testing may be a fundamental of asset management, however its importance is sometimes undervalued. This episode looks at insulation testing and why it's one of the ultimate tests in the electrical industry.

“Watch or listen to Episode 3 - Making the most of industrial downtime”

Unplanned downtime can be a huge loss from an asset perspective. This episode looks into how we can reduce this and avoid unwanted downtime.

“Watch or listen to Episode 4 - The 1Hz revolution”

One small thing could make a huge difference when it comes to transformer integrity, and that is 1Hz. This episode looks into how 1Hz can be used to give you the ultimate confidence when testing transformers.

“Watch or listen to Episode 5 - How to maintain transformer integrity”

Maintaining integrity of an asset is key to avoiding unplanned downtime. In this episode we dive into the complexities of making sure transformers are operating at maximum efficiency.

“Watch or listen to Episode 6 - The future of protection: Digital Twin”

When it comes to the electrical industry, we're always looking to what the future might hold. In this episode Niclas Wetterstrand takes us on a journey into the future of substations with the rise of "Digital Twins"

“Watch or listen to Episode 7 - Renewable Energy”

Testing renewables energy sources can be tricky at the best at times, let alone in some of the most remote parts of the world. Felix Lesmis walks us through the challenges and triumphs of renewables energies.

“Watch or listen to Episode 8 - Frequency Protection”

Frequency protection is an essential part of testing protection elements. Niclas Wetterstand walks us through the use of frequency protection and how they comply to new standards and older relay units.