PDIX Services

Testing Laboratory

At our high voltage testing laboratory in Aachen we can offer miscellaneous dielectric tests under applied high voltage to characterize and to analyze samples of all different kinds. Type tests and routine tests can be performed according to the relevant standards to certify the product quality.

Below are a list of tests we can offer at our facilities in Aachen

  • Partial discharge (PD) measurements according to IEC60270 or othe relevant standards under applied voltage from 500V up to 500kV
  • PD fault analysis by PD pattern recognition and interpretation
  • Automatic steptests with report generation on multiple samples
  • Loss factor (TD) measurements
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Time domain analysis
  • Acoustic PD location
  • Winding resistance measurements
  • Turns ratio (voltage ratio) 
  • Vector group
  • DC resistance of the windings
  • Dielectric measurements including power factor (tan delta), and capacitance of the oil, bushings and the transformer
  • Insulation resistance
  • Three phase induced tests up to 90kV