PDIX Services

Consulting Activities

We offer our knowledge and experience in PD analysis and dielectric measurements with consulting activities at any place in the world. Whenever an additional, independet expertise is requested we are able to provide the full service, starting with the measurements, the analysis, and ending up with a very detailed report in written form.


Power Diagnostix assists to analyze encountered defects, failure mechanism, and helps to improve the design of insulation systems. Further, support is provided to implement monitoring systems and to integrate embedded partial discharge sensors into GIS, cable accessories, and transformers for instance. Additionally, Power Diagnostix offers interpretation service for partial discharge pattern acquired by local testing groups. Instruments equipped with modem or VPN connection allow also having Power Diagnostix dialing in for performing remote measurements and diagnosis.

Why Power Diagnostix?

  • Independent specialists in PD analysis
  • More than 30 years practical experience in PD testing and diagnostics
  • Database with hundreds of case studies available
  • Competent system knowledge
  • Detailed reporting incl. sturdy recommendations and action lists