Digital Substation

Smart and specialised test solutions for IEC 61850 networks

Software, data communication and control, etc, are standard in modern substations. Through the development and implementation of IEC 61850 since the mid-2000s, the way to design, configure, and run substations has changed. This IT influence brings with it many advantages, but it also introduces new challenges to the industry.

General view

In the digital substation, the analogue signals and proprietary one-to-one connections between IEDs and network sensors have evolved to data networks and data streams.
IEC 61850, with its abstract data models defined, can be mapped to several protocols: MMS (Manufacturing Message Specification), GOOSE (Generic Object-Oriented System Event), and SMV (Sampled Measured Values).

Smart test solutions for digital substations

Protection tests with IEC 61850

In digital substations, the conventional trip contacts are replaced by a GOOSE message and the conventional analogue voltages and currents are replaced by Sampled Values (SV) generated by Merging Units (MU).

Intuitive GOOSE configuration

GOOSE configuration can be a complex task. In MGC that configuration is optimised by ‘click-to-subscribe’ to map the appropriate GOOSE message to a binary input or output.

Powerful and cost-efficient solution

The briefcase-sized, powerful, single phase, SMRT1 relay tester is all you need for IEC 61850 protection testing, making it a cost-efficient solution to help you get started.

Merge and compare

Easily detect differences between the design and the actual status of the GOOSE traffic by comparing it with its description in the SCD file. Smart grouping and highlighted differences also give a superb overview.

Secure access point

Connecting a PC to the substation network is not without its risks. However, the SMRT and FREJA units provide a secure access point to the substation network, and therefore cannot transmit ‘false’ data, nor infect the network with a virus. This is also known as the GOOSE ‘diode’.

Non intrusive sniffer

The sniffer function ensure that nothing is transmitted and that all GOOSE traffic is captured and grouped for good overview. If a GOOSE change status is it highlighted so it is easy to detect changes.

Onboard IEC 61850 capability

With all IEC 61850 capabilities available from the on-board touch screen, there is no need for a PC. No PC connection issues, no software license issues, and no risk of transmitting viruses to the substation network.

Virtual commissioning

Tests performed virtually with the SMRT Digital Twin remove errors and uncertainties before entering the often-pressured commissioning phase. A small subset of those tests would have to be repeated in the real world to verify physical connections and that correct settings are loaded into the relays. There are many other areas besides commissioning where benefits are seen such as FAT, training, support, and development. Read more about this in our Digital Twin article and this IEEE paper on the topic.

IEC 61850 Solutions

The IEC 61850 interface relay testers, FREJA and SMRT, together with the software MGC (Megger GOOSE Configurator), and SVA (Sampled Values Analyser), are the solutions used to test and troubleshoot IEC 61850 communications, both GOOSE and process bus. Fea