UK Testamonials - Steve Newmen

Manager - Continuous improvement team , Test gear team, Qualification team; UK Engineering


I started at Megger as an Apprentice Technician some four decades ago, (it was called AVO back then). Like today, an apprentiship provided a great starting place for a life in engineering. Post apprentiship I briefly became a technician with the Engineering department. The job only lasted six months because like today Megger (by now called Megger Instruments – for the first time) provided opportunities for employee progression. I was duly enrolled on a four-year sandwich course at Bradford University as a sponsored student. Being a “thin sandwich” course, for six months of the year I attended University and the remaining half year was on industrial placement at Dover where I spent time in most of the departments. This experience, again similar to our training programs today provided very valuable experience for the future. The industrial periods were fully recorded and used to support my IEE (now IET) training program on the road to becoming Chartered. This process continues to assist our graduate engineers today. 

After completing four years I emerged with an Electrical and Electronic engineering degree. This achievement was only made possible with the various opportunities afforded me by a good employer. 

“I started at Megger as an Apprentice Technician some four decades ago, (it was called AVO back then).”


Post graduation I started working as a Graduate Hardware Engineer in the R and D department of what by now had become “AVO International Ltd”.  

Many well-known projects followed and further career opportunities occurred. During my employment as a Project engineer, I finally reached the required standard to attain Chartered Engineer status. 

Next opportunity was a move into management as a Project Manager. During this phase of my career key projects were MIT400 and later the updated MIT400/2 range. Also the very successful MFT1700 series. 

With all my historic project knowledge and past experience a  move over to head up the “Continuous Improvement team” was a natural direction to take. 

Latter responsibilities for Training , Test Gear and Product Qualification teams were added as departmental rationalisation took place. 

My history clearly shows what a great company Megger is at providing opportunities to upskill people to achieve their aims and ambitions. 

In closing while the company provides great opportunities it is the people working here that actually make it a successful company and great place to work.