Enabling you to achieve your performance goals

Megger has provided industry-leading integrated test, measurement, monitoring, and predictive analytic solutions to all segments of the electrical power industry for over 130 years.

In a world of increased grid complexity, Megger equips our grid network operators with the tools and services that enable them to achieve their performance and reliability goals.


These tools and services deliver health insights for optimal decision making for assets, networks, and electrical grids over their life cycles.

Our diverse product portfolio supports our customers' performance goals in the following core business areas:

Test and measurement

We are a world leader in designing and providing test and diagnostic equipment for electrical network assets and their connected equipment.


Online monitoring


Solutions that provide constant and consistent monitoring of your electrical assets for access to grid health, performance, and predictive maintenance.


Data collection, analysis, and diagnostics


Collection, organisation, and insightful analysis of test results and data trends to make informed and intelligent asset management decisions.



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