Insulation and Continuity Tester

Insulation and continuity tester | MIT485-2TC
Insulation and continuity tester | MIT485-2TC
Product Documents
  • Insulation testing up to 500 V and 100 GΩ range in a handheld instrument
  • 3-wire connection for Tip, Ring and Ground connection (NEW)
  • Gated access to 500 V to prevent accidental damage (NEW)
  • Rechargeable options for ac and car charging (NEW)
  • Single range, faster continuity testing from 0.01 W to 1 MW (NEW)
  • Differential measurement capability (NEW)
  • Stabilized insulation test voltage (NEW)
  • 600 V Trms AC and DC voltage measurement
  • Test result storage & Bluetooth® downloading
  • CATIV 600V and IP54

The MIT485/2TC-LG2 insulation and continuity tester replaces the original MIT480 range and is designed specifically for the Telecommunications and Cable testing markets.

The new unit features a redesigned case, back-stand, and 6 cell battery compartment with separate fuse access.

The instrument is over-molded for increased protection and achieves an IP54 weatherproof rating.