TDR2000/3 series (CFL535G)

Advanced Dual Channel TDR

  • Comprehensive dual- Channel Capability with dual aspect display.
  • AUTO set up for instant use.
  • Ultra fast pulse for near end fault identification.
  • Xpert guidance to potential fault.
  • IP54 rating offers real life working.
  • Designed for use on all metallic cable pairs.

The TDR2000/3 series are highly portable, high resolution, compact, dual channel time domain reflectometers with a large color screen for locating faults on paired metallic cables in applications as diverse as street lighting, telephony and CATV.

With a best resolution of 0.1m the TDR2000/3 has a 20km maximum range depending on the velocity factor selected and the cable type. Five output impedances are available (25, 50, 75, 100 and 125 ohms) and with an auto impedance matching feature and a velocity factor between 0.2 and 0.99 to meet any cable test requirements.

Powered by Li-ion rechargeable batteries.

The available models are:

CFL535G - high resolution TDR with backlit colour display and powered by Li-ion rechargeable battery batteries, complete with 2 pairs of mini-clip test leads.

TDR2000/3P - This unit has the same features as the CFL535G but is equipped with dual fused, fitted leads.

TDR2010 - This unit has the same features as the CFL535G but with added trace tagging. Trace tagging allows the user to maintain accurate records of circuit details against every saved result.

TDR2050 - This unit has the same features as the TDR2010 but with the addition of CAT IV rating, Step, DDG and FindEnd functions.