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November 2007
Programma Electric AB joins Megger group

Programma Electric AB joins Megger group

30 November 2007

Andrew Dodds - Director of group development

Alan Hardie, CEO of Megger announcing the acquisition of Programma AB, was “greatly anticipating the diversified product range, mutual synergies and the combination of two worldclass product development and marketing organisations”. “It consolidates our market-leading power product range and adds a new value dimension to our core ESI protection customers, who will hugely benefit from the enhanced product and service offered by the new partnership”.

Programma Electric AB, is a world renowned supplier of test equipment and diagnostic methods for protection relays, high voltage circuit breakers, stationary batteries as well as portable high current applications. Programma products have become an industry standard for rugged, portable test instruments for field and commissioning testing of HV switchyard components. Customers can continue to buy both Megger and Programma products from their normal distributors and there are no plans to drop product ranges from either brand. You can count on talking with your normal contacts.
The merger Megger identified compelling industrial logic behind the merger: 
• Offer customers a more complete range of products. For example, power plants are equipped with many different types of battery systems. It is crucial that the pumps that lubricate generator bearings have standby power. Megger already has a superb range of battery impedance test sets, while Programma products test capacity. Now engineers can specify the best of both technologies.
• Providing a better geographic coverage. Specifically, Megger identified France, India and USA as countries where power engineers will now find it easier to get Programma products; while in Germany and Scandinavia it will be easier to specify Megger products.
• Capitalise on the technology and innovation strengths of both companies. Investment in research and development for both Megger and Programma are well above industry norms, and the combined companies now have the engineering synergies and a patent portfolio that the company believes are world beating. Megger explains the four application areas.

Battery testing
Systems that provide stand-by power must be inspected and tested at regular intervals. In the event of a power failure, battery systems are often used to provide standby power for important items of equipment such as protective relay systems, circuit breakers and monitoring devices – all of which require standby power during power outages. The Programma Torkel battery load testing devices perfectly complement Megger’s BITE battery impedance test sets.

Testing circuit breakers
Effective diagnostic methods allow condition-on battery testing based maintenance to improve reliability and lower costs. Programma has taken the lead in portable test instruments for high voltage circuit breakers. Over the years, many new user requirements have lead Programma to innovate new solutions to provide test engineers in the field with effective tools for determining the status of circuit breakers. Programma Mjolner testers will be sold alongside Megger’s DLRO Ducter range.

Primary injection testing
High current is injected on the primary side of the current transformer to ensure proper operation. The entire chain — current transformer, conductors, connection points, relay protection and sometimes circuit breakers are well is covered by the test. The system being tested must be taken out of service during primary injection testing, usually conducted in connection with commissioning. The Programma Oden range has features not available in Megger’s SCITS and PCITS range, and vice-versa.

Protective relay testing equipment
To ensure reliability of electric power grid protection systems, they must be tested at regular intervals. If a fault is not corrected early, personal injuries and serious damage can occur. Since protective relay equipment plays such a vital role in electric power grid protection systems, it must be tested at regular intervals to ensure that it is operating according to preset settings. Megger already has a high power and successful three-phase relay test set offer through its MPRT product range. The single-phase option of Programma Sverka, together with lower power three phase Programma Freja, gives more options to customers.