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January 2016
New 800 kV test and development facility

New 800 kV test and development facility

01 January 2016

Dr Sacha Markalous - Genneral manager, Hagenuk KMT

In response to the rapidly evolving test requirements of utilities and other organisations that operate HV and EHV power cables, Megger has opened a major new test, development and manufacturing facility in Radeburg, near Dresden in Germany. This became operational in October 2014 and is equipped to work on test and diagnostic equipment for cables operating at up to 800 kV.

Within weeks of opening, Megger’s new Radeburg facility was used to present a seminar on HV DAC (damped AC) testing, which offers a convenient and cost-effective alternative to conventional power frequency testing of cables. It also hosted acceptance testing of a VLF (very low frequency) burn unit supplied to Con Edison, and an R30 cable test van supplied to RTE-France.

The new facility significantly expands the scope of Megger’s operations in relation to cable test equipment, not least by extending the company’s in-house capabilities up to 800 kV. Initially, the primary focus will be on the development and evaluation of HV DAC test equipment. The overall goal, however, is to develop practical equipment for use where no satisfactory test solution is currently available, such as on the long undersea HV and EHV cables that are being used increasingly for transmission links between regions and countries.

For information on the HV DAC system developed at Megger's Radeburg click here.

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