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April 2019
New training seminars from Megger

New training seminars from Megger

01 April 2019

Following the success of its previous training seminars, Megger has announced an exciting new programme of events to be held in autumn at the company’s Baunach facility in Germany. The programme features four informative and upto- the-minute seminars, covering Protective Relay Testing, Cable Fault Location, Transformer Testing and Circuit Breaker Testing.

The Protective Relay Testing seminar is a threeday event has been designed to offer participants theoretical knowledge and practical experience of testing protective relays. The topics covered include power system basics, components and calculations, testing methods (manual, single-phase and threephase), and the selection of testing tools.

The Cable Fault Location seminar will focus on delivering comprehensive information and practical guidance on cable fault location techniques, including the latest developments. Attendees will learn about the history and construction of cables, electrical and physical characteristics and fault types, as well as the safety issues and principles surrounding cable fault location and diagnosis. There will also be ample opportunity for hands-on experience.

The Transformer Testing seminar will teach attendees about the basics of power transformers, bushings and tap changers. It will then move on to consider routine test procedures and advanced test methods, as well as the relative merits of multifunction instruments and test van solutions.

The three-day Power Circuit Breaker Testing seminar will cover the testing of both mediumand high-voltage circuit breakers. The main topics featured will be circuit breaker testing theory and test technologies (static resistance measurement, dynamic resistance measurement and dynamic capacitance measurement). The seminar will also include practical exercises with Megger TM1700/1800 instruments.

As a world leader in the development and manufacture of portable test equipment, Megger aims to support customers by offering comprehensive training programmes that have the optimum blend of theoretical content and practical hands-on exercises. Renowned for their expertise, the Megger trainers have extensive practical experience and are always ready to help those attending the seminars to address their own specific testing challenges.

For all the seminars, registration opens at 8:30 am on the first day, with the first speaker at 9:30 am; lunch and light refreshments will be provided. Demand is always high for Megger’s seminars so prior reservations are essential, as space is limited. For details of dates and to reserve a place, send an email to Ms. Andrea Tropper on andrea.tropper@ or call +49 (0) 9544 / 687112.