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We have retained a selection of specific articles on this site due to their popularity :


2008 - 2015 Popular articles

October-2008 You got the power

April-2009 Finding fault with cables

June-2009 Breaking the mould in circuit breaker testing

July-2009 Current transformers

November-2014 Heroic developments in relay testing

May-2015 Diagnostic testing of high voltage circuit breaker

June-2015 Electricity theft an underestimated problem

July-2015 Diagnostic testing of high voltage circuit breaker

October-2015 gic a major risk factor for the power grid


2016 Popular articles

March-2016 Sweep frequency response analysis

June-2016 Frequently confused by frequency testing

July-2016 tan δ testing variable frequency method

September-2016 Turns ratio testing hand crank versus automatic

December-2016 Frequency response of stray losses in transformers

December-2016 Electrical safety - assessing for electrical hazards


2017 Popular articles

January-2017 transformer condition assessment with an integrated test van

March-2017 How important is electrical equipment maintenance

March-2017 Power quality effects on transformers and motors

April-2017 pd diagnostics for aging mv pilc cables

May-2017 Primary injection testing challenges and solutions

June-2017 Safe, fast hv circuit breaker testing with dcm dua

July-2017 Power quality beyond the fundamentals

August-2017 Electrical safety when using test equipment

August-2017 The last resort

September-2017 Circuit breaker and transducers part 1

October-2017 Circuit breaker and transducers part 2

November-2017 Transformer life management oil tan delta

December-2017 Earth resistance testing testing with euclid and d



2018 Popular articles

January-2018 insulation testing a word of caution!

February-2018 Transformer turns ratio testers who needs them

July-2018 The many facets of loop testing

July-2018 The do’s and don’ts of insulation power factor tes

July-2018 Best practice for sweep frequency response analysis



2019 Popular articles

February-2019 maximising asset reliability

March-2019 Surge testing electric motors

March-2019  q & a winding resistance testing

June-2019 Cable insulation test voltages how high is too high

June-2019 q & a insulation resistance testing

May-2019 Surge testing electric motors cooling the debate



2020 Popular articles

January-2020 Motor insulation test voltages how high is too high

February-2020 Lesser known facts about ttr testing that are affecting your results

February-2020 q & a iec61850

March-2020 A kit for earth testing

March-2020 dc testing of vacuum integrity in mv switchgear

March-2020 Have you ever heard of the alexanderson alternator

May-2020 The missing link in motor condition monitoring

June-2020 Are your electrical workers up to par

October-2020 Partial discharge an interview with the experts

October-2020 Training and education in the covid-era

November-2020 End to end testing for line differential protection

November-2020 A toolbox approach to fault location in lv power c



2021 Popular articles

February-2021 Keeping a watchful eye on transformers

February-2021 On-line testing of circuit breakers

March-2021 Static and dynamic resistance testing of transformer tap changers

July-2021 Testing parallel resistances

August-2021 Diagnostic testing of bushings

October-2021 q & a partial discharge testing

October-2021 Testing high speed dc circuit breakers