Solar PV Testing Workshop (in person!)

Our hands-on training workshops are designed to enhance technicians’ skills across key areas

Megger offers comprehensive in-field training for solar PV service firms and their technicians. Our hands-on training workshops are designed to enhance technicians’ skills across these key areas:

Cable Testing (low and medium voltage)  

  • Utilize safe work practices for cable testing per OSHA and industry consensus standards. 
  • Identify medium voltage cable components and causes of failure.  
  • Interpret current industry cable testing standards and procedures.  
  • Performance and analysis of results from: 
  • Insulation Resistance Tests (DAR and PI).  
  • Withstand Tests (DC, AC & VLF). 
  • Diagnostic Field Tests (Tan Delta & PD). 
  • Outline the benefits gained by establishing a Conditioned Based Cable Maintenance Program. 
  • Trace cable installations with modern cable route tracing and identification equipment.  
  • Locate secondary faults using earth gradient (sheath fault) technologies.  
  • Pinpoint faults using magnetic and acoustical tracing system and arc reflection technologies.


Transformer Testing 

  • Describe the major categories and the most common designs of transformers.  
  • Identify power, instrument and distribution transformer components and auxiliary equipment.  
  • Demonstrate routine and diagnostic inspections and point out potential problems and hazards.  
  • Interpret nameplate data and use the data to setup correct test procedures.  
  • Perform appropriate tests to evaluate the condition and perform maintenance on transformers.  
  • Discuss oil sampling and the correct procedures to obtain samples. 
  • Explain gas sampling and testing. 
  • Discuss test results to troubleshoot transformer problems. 
  • Determine the dryness of insulation using safety precautions, proper tools, vendor manuals and/or drawings.


PV Strings 

  • Measuring current and voltage 
  • Grounding/earth testing 
  • Continuity verification 
  • Ground-fault locating 
  • Insulation resistance testing 
  • Thermal Inspection 
  • I-V Curve testing 
  • Troubleshooting array faults and inverter errors


Circuit protection and relay testing 

  • Describe the different types of circuit breakers, their components, and their functions. 
  • Perform circuit breaker and cabinet service maintenance service safely. 
  • Interpret and utilize time characteristic curves. 
  • Demonstrate all standard tests performed on a circuit breaker. 
  • Identify components and insulation mediums for all circuit breakers (vacuum, air magnetic, oil and SF6). 
  • Utilize appropriate personal protective equipment and safe work procedures including lockout/tagout.  
  • Evaluate breaker ratings for various applications.  
  • Interpret control schematics.  
  • Outline removal and restoration procedures.  
  • Adjust linkages, switches, and contacts. 
  • Practice circuit breaker maintenance service per manufacturers' and NETA MTS specifications.


The training, conducted over 2.5 days, can be tailored to the areas that you want to focus on, such as cable testing safety practices, transformer inspections, or PV string troubleshooting. Conducted by Megger experts, this training can benefit up to 30 technicians, providing them with manufacturer certification, NABCEP credits, NETA CEUs, and state-level CEUs (where applicable).

Costs vary depending on agreed training content. Range of $25k to $40k

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