Oil filled transformers

Oil-filled transformers are integral components of electrical power systems, given their criticality in power transmission, power distribution, renewable energy installations, transportation, and industrial applications, their significance cannot be overlooked.

Frequent maintenance and testing are imperative measures for any company or group responsible for a system that encompasses an oil-filled transformer susceptible to both intrinsic (electrical, thermal, and mechanical) and extrinsic (moisture, dirt, and other contaminants) stresses.

Megger's range of transformer products includes options for both conventional and advanced diagnostic and testing tools for oil-filled transformers.

Dry-type transformers

Dry-type transformers are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including commercial and industrial facilities, data centers, hospital and healthcare facilities, and education institutions. Other applications with harsher environment conditions include mining and heavy industry, marine and offshore installations, and renewable energy systems.

Common issues of dry-type transformers include overheating, insulation degradation, and mechanical damage.

Given their criticality, testing dry-type transformer is of paramount importance to ensure safe and reliable operation, as well as compliance with regulatory standards. Megger's portfolio of transformer testing solutions can help prevent or identify potential issues early, reducing the risk of transformer failure.

Special transformers

Designed to serve unique purposes, special application transformers play a crucial role in ensuring safe and reliable operation in electrical power systems. Included in this group are phase-shifting transformers, arc furnace transformers, grounding transformers, rectifier transformers, among others.

Despite their distinct features and construction, all these transformers demand regular maintenance to ensure reliable performance.

Our product portfolio offers a range of options for routine maintenance and troubleshooting tools that help achieve dependable performance of these specialized transformers.

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