Customer input... keep it coming!

6 March 2014

Megger benefits strategically from customer input, and customers enjoy the feedback when we incorporate their ideas into new models or revisions of standard models. So keep it coming! However, customer ideas aren’t always better suggestions. And there’s usually an underlying reason of which the proponent isn’t aware.

An example is the Phasing Tester. These are insulated two-pole devices used to test for presence of voltage across two potential sources, such as in “phasing out” a circuit or switch. Oops! The interconnecting cord won’t reach! Why don’t they make it longer…say, 100 ft (it’s usually about 5). There are 3 good reasons: Long cords drag on floor, becoming damaged and frayed. When high voltage is applied, this can be dangerous. When two workmen are working together, one can get out of sight around a corner. This loss of direct communication can again be dangerous, as when a switch is closed. The longer the cord, the more inductive influence from the environment. Once more, potentially dangerous.

So you see, Megger places the operator’s safety ahead of convenience, as it should be. But is convenience left out? No! The Detex Phase Comparator (510900) is a one-pole device that does the job without any interconnecting cord. Just touch one phase, the interaction is stored in memory, but only briefly, just long enough to move alertly to the second phase. The two phases are then compared for presence or absence of voltage and the result displayed, with none of the risks of a long interconnecting cord. But keep the ideas coming! We’ll put them to best, and safest, use.