Circuit breaker testing

7 April 2015

Arguably, circuit breakers are some of the most important components in modern electric power systems. They break off current when a fault occurs. And although circuit breakers are not thought about much and are often taken for granted, they play a VERY important role in keeping power flowing. Circuit breakers need to operate within extremely tight tolerances when a disturbance is detected in the network they are attached to, in an effort to protect sensitive and costly components and equipment like transformers.   Oftentimes, breakers need to operate after months or even years of inactivity and are assumed to be in working order. The importance of testing them are vast because they can become faulty from corrosion or mechanical malfunctions. Electrical systems can become damaged if breakers go unchecked.   By running a simple test on circuit breakers by using a circuit breaker analyzer, and reconditioning those that are faulty, expensive equipment is protected from damage, power outages are eliminated and money is saved.