BT51 - 2A Low Resistance Ohmmeter

The BT51 has been discontinued and is being replaced by the DLRO2

Click HERE for more information about the DLRO2. A comparison sheet is located HERE

  • High test current
  • Four terminal measurement
  • Two measuring ranges (2000 mΩ. and 20,00 mΩ.)and maximum resolution of 0,01 mΩ.
  • Protected against inadvertent connection to the mains supply

The BT51 Low Resistance Ohmmeter makes measurements by passing a current through the conductor under test and also monitoring the voltage across it. The test current is limited by a simple current limiting circuit and is measured by monitoring the voltage across a resistor. The test current is maintained at a nominal 2 A, and as the measurement is ratiometric, the reading is unaffected by any current variations.